♥ Play as a college student who has to now live with his new step-sister. It's up to you to decide whether your relationship will go further and the way this will happen. Meet the girls of your dream and take part in their story! ♥

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Where is the rework info? I've heard about it but can't find it myself.

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Guys am stuck please help

It's when you go to Uzbekistan, where I choose all of the three girls there is nothing other to choose, what should I do?


Can you explain?

 here you go.

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Borscht is not a russian dish, it is a Ukrainian dish. Please fix it.


Technically speaking - you're wrong, you can't call borscht someone's particular national food, both countries inherited it from Kyivan rus(I'm not sure I got it right, but anyway)

Also the versions of the borscht are different, in different countries.


This game is so much fun. 

Expected the horror part is not that good.


lmao fuck you I just wanted a porn game. Get out of here with that horror shit.


I wish they would give an update on how the artist is doing and if they got out of Ukraine safely 


The artist is not from Ukraine, she lives ON THE BORDER WITH Ukraine. So she is Russian or Belarusian. Being a Ukrainian, I cannot sympathize with her.


This whole reply is just a bruh moment.


The war is the fault of Russian government, not of Russian people. I understand your pain and am deeply sorry for your situation, but please do not feel hate for civilians who want war no more than you or I.


to all the basement password is (Punkin) 

and does anyone know how to unlock the 8 Sean 

Night with Scarlett then talking with her in the morning "Why don't..." then "Help her..."(or something) work, dunno if other combinations too, dunno if there are prerequisites, I was on a nice guy route, don't think it matters


Does nobody seriously know the gallery code?

fuck my ass and call me a bunny


what is it bro



Anal sex?

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BTW if anyone was wondering when a new update would come out, I think it's unlikely it ever will because the artist lives in Ukraine. I don't know what their status is, but I hope they're ok. Also, the dev hasn't posted anything on the discord for about 5 months at this point so I wouldn't expect anything.

Deleted 41 days ago




Any "updates" on when the next update is coming out?


Its unlikely it will ever be continued as the author suddenly quit posting due to unknown reasons


Whoever this author is, gotta be alive cause this person's artwork is fantastic. I hope nothing bad happened to this person.

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The reason is a very well-known, actually


And the well known reason is...?

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I was in their discord and the artist lives in Ukraine and can't work obviously due to the war. Hope they're ok, didn't hear anything from them after a few months so I left.

Not why they haven't posted on Disc for 5 months, that's not well known.

The reason was given five months ago.
and the fact that there hasn't been any new news for some time - That's a different situation.

How to get 7th scene?

How do u get the scene in the second photo ?


Beautiful game, but goddamn, the MC's dialogue is pure cringe, why would you make him act like an old man? lol

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the unexpected horror scene was amazing lol, well done 👏 but too bad it's so short and there is not much scene with the girls


doesnt work :/


Is there a walkthrough?


man, what is the code for basement horror girl?


Hint: Halloween related, always used everywhere, also a crop


Quick inquiry into the horror aspects of the game, would I have to continue from my save that I used the code in to access the new horror additions? (because I have not saved and would prefer to do it again before the next update) 


Anyone know the gallery code?


Is there any scene after the scene where I'm supposed to distract those guys? I can't get past that scene no matter what I do.


i think you're supposed to click on the potion on eva, then click on ester, then you're brought to another scene


small theory, the demon lady thing in the forest is on your side or whatever considering there's an event where you go up to the attic and she appears again but with a different form aka taking up the form of a jpg and stuff, and if you say no to her new form, you can get somewhat of a jumpscare of her original self if  and I immediately backscrolled back out that shit but pretty sure she's on your side. Someone can try going past the no option to where I went which was where the jumpscare was but i'm not going any further than that lmao 


why is there a jumpscare in a porn game


yeah, porn games are rare sometimes

i have no clue but the shit scared the fuck out of me 

Hi! May I know when the next update will be?


unknown currently, their artist lives near the border of where the war / invasion of ukraine began so she may not be able to draw as much.

You can help by donating here https://www.patreon.com/catchthecarrot as all the donations will be going to the artist to get her out of the country


yo what's the gallery code



Eyyy finished it for real now got all the scenes. Really good game mwuah mwua about cheffs kiss I can't wait for the next update tho I don't have the resources to support it

But!!! I'll try my best to help the game


Yooo finished it the version I mean as always sad and happy at the same time

As of my play through I don't really got some scenes that much I didn't know what I was doing actually same with the ghost girl 

I'm gonna replay it again tho 

Is this game still update?


I love the look of this game, and all the fun you can have. I wish there were more moments in the game in which I made a choice, if for no other reason than to just break the sometimes very long narrative up a bit.

The game is just crashing for me, is there any solution or should I just wait till it's get updated or something? I'm using Android 11.


Game got me scaroused

what did I get myself into this time


The completely unpredictable horror aspect was already a very scary surprise but using my goddamn real name was a bit much... Tryin to fap over here not shit myself.



i like the art.

What you mean scary!

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Hahaha brilliant, also amazing art

Why does the pepe pin blink x


what is the gallery code? I tried Leningrad, but it didn't work.


Are there any scenes with Soyun?

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